Stand-by Power Generation

58971-20kW-Generac-Residential-Standby-original.jpgFor Toronto residents who have had enough of power outages and the loss of time, belongings and productivity that goes along with it, enter the complete line of Generac generators.  Each generator built by Generac caters to the the needs of a customer who wants to do away with the inconvenience of power failure.

Research shows that the overwhelming majority of home owners who purchase a generator do so with an idea that they may also need it in case of a power outage.  Research also shows that the number of power outages are going up and not down.  While most home owners purchase a gasoline powered generator because they assume the cost is lower,  there are a number of factors that should be looked at. 

geny_small.jpgStand-by generators are no longer that expense.  What home owners may also not be looking at are the cost associated with -not- having a stand-by generator.  If the home owners are not home or available when an outage occurs, they may sustain costs of mold damage from sump well overflowing, water damage to their home, and loss of furnishings and belongings.

Davey Electric and Gas staff carry all necessary certifications to supply and install your  stand-by power solution.  Our staff are also trained by Generac directly, and ensure an ongoing connection to give generator owners appropriate customer service and updated information as necessary.

Each stand-by solution we install allows the generator to startup once per week on it's own and without the involvement of the homeowner.  This ensures that the generator will startup if there is a power failure.

Davey Electric and Gas would be happy to come by and answer any questions you have about stand-by power.