Residential Electrical Experts


before_after.jpgUpgrading your electrical panel from the older fuse style provides an added level of safety, and peace of mind

While your project may involve only a small amount of electrical work, you want to know that the job is being the done properly, and that your are getting good value for your money.  You will find that as Davey Electric and Gas technicians arrive on the scene there is no hard sell, no sales pitch.

We are just there to listen.  If we can provide information that would help you, that's why we've come.

electrical-outlets.jpgReceptacle installation using surface mount components

While many of our residential customers may not know the facts, or may perceive electrical dangers, we can often set their mind to rest, or suggest simple answers. There are often several ways to get to your end objective and Davey Electric and Gas can help you establish the benefits and pitfalls of each method. 

Knob_and_tube_1930.jpgKnob and tube replacement is a requirement for some insurance companies

Our electricians are polite and respectful of your home and family, cleaning up when the job is finished. Davey Electric and Gas can look at the power-saving potential in your home, including remote appliance control, and furnace and air conditioning operation at away-from-home locations.  Power monitoring equipment can be installed to give the home owner day-to-day feedback on what energy is used and when.

Electrical Job Estimates
Installation & supply is assumed, and electrician are already on site for more than one the jobs listed below, otherwise sufficient allowances for travel time and increased costs/opportunity costs, should be made.
Upgrade service to 100 amps - incl. New breaker panel $850.00 - 1100.00
Upgrade service to 100 amps - no breaker panel $800.00 - 1200.00
Upgrade service to 200 amps $1,000.00 - 1,500.00
Replace main ground - public water sytem $200.00 - 350.00
Replace main ground - private well to ground rods $275.00 - 500.00
New Breaker Panel $700.00 - 1200.00
Auxiliary Panel $300.00 - 600.00
Replace circuit breaker - 20 amps or less $80.00 - 110.00
Add 120 V circuit - ie fridge, freezer etc $250.00 - 400.00
Install exterior outlet $250.00 - 400.00
Add 240 V circuit - ie. Stove, dryer $350.00 - 650.00
Add Kitchen split receptacle $250.00 - 450.00
Supply ground for std. receptacles $75.00 - 150.00
Replace receptacles with GFI (Ground Fault Interrupt) $90.00 - 120.00 each
Correct reversed polarity $15.00 - 25.00 each
Install switches $20.00 - 40.00 each
Install light fixture $100.00 - 250.00
Exterior light fixture $175.00 - 250.00