Our Exceptional Commerical and Industrial Service

electrical-installation-1366x668.jpgFrom big-box stores to hotel chains,  Davey Electric and Gas understands the nature of the business, the terminology and connectivity required, and can respond to commercial and industrial needs to make sure that customer systems are up and running at maximum efficiency.

Our commercial and industrial electricans are familiar with the needs of HVAC companies, understand the required equipment and can determine, source, supply and install necessary equipment with outstanding results and with attractive and professional results.

 electrical-panel-c.jpgOur customers, often suppliers to the commercial and industrial businesses require custom control, via remote link, temperature control or other necessary environmental factor sensing equipment used to operate relays, switches, dimmers and other lighting control, fans/dimmers, and integrated and related security notification.

While expertise is necessary for results, our ability to execute a successful job is largely related to our relationships with associated industries, facility staff and sub-trades who are all working together to bring the job to a successful conclusion, on-budget and on-time. 

For commercial businesses our experience notes that our customers demand professional lighting, comfort systems, security and control systems to be operational with minimum downtime, requiring immediate response from electricians and other depended-on trades to meet these requirements.

At Davey Electric and Gas we are proud of our track record in keeping our customer systems up and operating, as we consider our mandate to include maintenance and failure prevention so that our clients hear only of prevention  rather then repairs to failure occurences.