Welcome to Davey Electric and Gas.

Located in the Etobicoke area, and serving the entire Toronto GTA area, Davey Electric and gas is relatively new as a business, but our electricians have a wealth of experience from the industrial, commercial and residential fields.  

kitchen-pot-lights.jpgWhether for your home or your business, Davey Electric and Gas will come and look at your project and give you a quotation in writing for no charge. 

Often our electricians help our customers think through hurdles and problems in advance and therefore assist customers in cost-saving for their project. 

Whether your project is a very small one, or an entire house, Davey Electric wold like to be involved from the start to assist in the planning of such events.

 We are happy to provide a site visit and quote on any project.  Some of our more electrical work includes;

        • Panel converson - fuses to breaker
        • Potlight Installation
        • Track lighting installation
        • Outdoor walkway border lighting
        • New Outlets - indoor and outdoor
        • Chandelier installation.
        • Standby generators
        • Knob and tube removal and replacement

All of our installers are experienced installers are professional and courteous, able to assist home owners and businesses with advice and assist in providing information to the customer so that they can make the most informed decisions.